Louvre Abu Dhabi

Located on Saadiyat Island is the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a very modern museum opened in November 2017, which is the first of the three museums that this island will host, the other two will be the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi and the National Museum Zayed.

In order to use the Louvre brand, the emirate has disbursed 525 million dollars for the name and 747 million dollars for the loan of works of art for 30 years.

The architect of this impressive museum is the French Jean Nouvel, it extends for an approximate area of 24,000 m² and the budget to build it has been about 100 million euros.

The most impressive part of the museum is the silver dome that seems to float above the building and the water surrounding the museum. The weight of the dome is about 7,500 tons and represents 7,800 stars spread over eight different layers.

Sunlight filters through the perforations of the dome to create a light rain effect that represents the palm trees of Abu Dhabi, where its leaves capture the sunlight and minimize its projection on the ground.

The collection of works is not very extensive, but include the exhibition of the most expensive painting in the world, the Salvator Mundi, a work of Leonardo da Vinci acquired for 450 million dollars.

The price for entering the museum is 60 AED.

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