Day 1: Basel

The first day of the trip we left on a midday flight and arrived in Basel somewhat late so we could not visit this city well. As in all the cities of Switzerland I recommend spending a day, since the main thing can be visited well. The most important places to see are:

Basel City Hall

The City Council is the seat of the Government of Basel and Parliament. Located on the Marktplatz, its red facade adorned with cheerful paintings and its remarkable tower stand out.

You can visit for free from Monday to Friday.


The Spalentor gate is the most majestic and imposing entrance of the three city gates that are still preserved from the great wall of 1400.

The exterior face of the door is decorated with three figures dating from the early fifteenth century: a virgin and two prophets

Basel Cathedral

It is one of the most representative buildings in the city.

Initially catholic, today it is an evangelical church since the Protestant Reformation that was implanted in Basel in 1529. Inside are buried Erasmus of Rotterdam and Jakob Bernoulli, among others.


One of the most visited points of the city because of its location in the center, this square is crossed by several trams and its historic buildings stand out.

Basel Train Station

The imposing building of the train station is one of the most notable in the city.

It is the largest border railway station in all of Europe, and all Swiss trains arrive there, destined for the city of Basel, in addition to the TGV to Paris.

Sports section

St Jakob Park

Stadium in which FC Basel plays its matches.

It hosted matches of the 1954 World Cup, the 2008 Eurocup and the 2016 UEFA Europa League Final.

Travel shirts

The shirts purchased during the trip were those of the national team of Switzerland and FC Basel.