Day 3: Bergen-Tyssedal

Bergen is one of Norway's most charming cities and is known as the gateway to the Norwegian Fjords. The drive from Bergen to Tyssedal was wonderful, views of fjords and very beautiful scenery, the only problem are the roads of Norway which are mostly one lane and not too wide.

I decided to take a slightly longer route to cross the Hardanger Bridge, which is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world and it was well worth it. To finish we arrived at Tyssedal and enjoyed a night in an idyllic place.

The most important places in Bergen are:


This complex was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Historic district of the city of Bergen is the main attraction of the city, all the houses with the same structure that not only have to be seen from the outside also visit them inside.

Torget Fish Market

One of the attractions of the city is the Fish Market, in my opinion too focused on the tourist and not too much dedication.

You can eat from the famous Norwegian salmon to whale meat, before leaving the country you have to try their typical foods and this can be a place to do it.

Bergenhus Fortress

Located at the end of the street in the Bryggen district, this fortress was the residence of the Royal Family and administrative center when Bergen was the capital of the country.

It is one of the oldest in the country and you can make visits to its interior, include the Haakon Hall used for banquets and receptions.

Narrow streets of Bryggen

To appreciate the great charm that this city has, it is worth getting lost for a few minutes through the streets behind the houses on the pier.

Many narrow streets with a very peculiar architecture and that leave the most tourist area of the city.


If one wants to enjoy the best views of the city, climbing this funicular is the best option.

From the top you get an impressive panoramic view of the 7 hills that border the city.

Price of 80 NOK (€ 9).

Torgallmenningen Place

Most important square of the city and point of passage to many of the visits.

Composed by various sculptures and numerous shops and restaurants at the end of the square is the Bergens Tidende building, famous for its sign on the top.

Car between Bergen and Tyssedal

This was undoubtedly the nicest drive in the whole trip, we rented a car in Bergen with which we would get to Oslo in several stages, this first one began in Bergen and the first stop was in the Steinsdalfossen waterfall, we continued towards the bridge of Hardanger and we skirt around the Hardanger fjord until we reach Tyssedal.


One of the most famous waterfalls in Norway with a drop of 50 meters, its main attraction is that you can walk behind without getting wet.

It is located 75 km from Bergen on the road to Tyssedal and is one of the best stops on the route.

Hardanger Suspension Bridge

One of the objectives of the route was to cross this bridge, one of the longest pendants in the world with 1380 meters in length.

Despite the toll to be paid for crossing it, it is impressive to pass through it. After crossing it you enter a tunnel with a roundabout inside, something I have never seen.


Located next to the Hardangerfjord, this village is one of the starting points to make one of the best walking routes in Norway, Trolltunga.

Due to the short time we had and the hardness of the route we discarded it but it has to be a marvel. Sleeping with these views is something unique and unforgettable.