In October 2013 I decided to visit Cork, it is a growing city thanks to the fact that in 2005 it was named European Capital of Culture. The city can be visited in a day.

It is a perfect city to walk, without using any means of transport.

The best months to visit the city are the Summer months since the temperatures are very pleasant, the rains as in all of Ireland are present all year round so it is likely that one day it will rain.

These are the main places to visit in Cork:

San Fin Barre´s Cathedral

Located in the historic center of Cork stands out for its facade decorated with numerous gargoyles and statues.

It stands out the Golden Angel of which the legend says that it will blow its horn when the end of the world is coming.

Shandon Tower

Built in 1722, in the Shandon district, it is the most famous building in Cork, near the Cork Butter Museum.

This tower houses the second largest four-sided clock in Europe, which unlike the first that is Big Ben, is open to the public with the possibility that visitors can act as altar boy and personally touch their 8 powerful six-ton bells each.

The price to go up is € 5.

English Market

Municipal food market in the center of the city. It consists of two markets, the Princess Street and the Grand Parade.

It is known for its 19th century architecture and for the variety of local food.

It is one of the main tourist visits and Queen Isabel II visited it in 2011.

The Counting House

It was the oldest brewery in Ireland until its closure in 2009.

Highlights the architecture of the building, the main entrance is by an imperial style stone staircase.

Blarney Castle

Built about 600 years ago and located 7 km from Cork this castle is famous for the Blarney Stone, a stone located on the top of the castle that according to the leyend when kissing it you get the gift of eloquence.

Do not stay alone watching the castle, you also have to walk through its gardens and visit the lake that are in an unbeatable place.

The price of admission is € 16.

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