In July 2015 I decided to visit Krakow  the second largest city in Poland and the most beautiful in the country. For many years it was the capital of the country, making it one of the most important economic, cultural and tourist centers.

Main things can be visited walking and if necessary you can make use of the metro. 

The best time to visit them is in the summer months, which is when temperatures are highest but it is also when there is more rain. 

The main places to visit in Krakow are:

Market Place

It is the largest medieval square in Europe and the most important in Poland, with 40,000 square meters.

It is possibly the most beautiful place in the whole country and the central point of Krakow. The center of the square has many shops.

It is surrounded by bars and terraces that give it a great atmosphere and has the Town Hall Tower and the St. Mary´s Basilica.

Wawel Castle

Built on the Wawel hill next to the Vistula River, it is the most important historical and cultural place in Poland.

For several centuries it was the residence of the Kings of Poland.

It is the most important museum in the country that houses an important collection of paintings of the Italian Renaissance, as well as numerous pieces of goldsmiths, weapons and armor.

Wawel Cathedral

Located on the hill of Wawel, it has more than 1,000 years of history and is the center of the ecclesiastical and monarchical power of the country.

The Cathedral has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, the aspect that today presents has been changing throughout history based on the tastes and styles of each era.

You can visit the interior for a price of 12 PLN (€ 3).


Built at the end of the Middle Ages, it is a gateway to the historic center of the city.

Once you go inside the old city, you can see street artists around the wall.

It is one of the few fortifications of its style that remain standing in Europe and the best preserved.

Auschwitz concentration camp

It was the largest camp of the Nazi regime and in the visit you access Auschwitz I, the main camp and administrative center, and Auschwitz-Bikernau, the largest and most impressive.

In the first we will find more buildings on foot and rooms and objects of the prisoners.

In the second we will see the immensity of a field used for extermination and that preserves crematoria and gas chambers in perfect condition.

The main tour of the country and something you will never forget if you visit, despite the hardness is advisable to see the reality of what happened in these camps.

Formed by 3 main camps and 39 smaller ones, the complex is of an inexplicable immensity.

Located 70 km from Krakow and a 1-hour drive, excursions are organized for around € 30, the price is cheap when one ends the day.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The world's oldest salt mines were declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 and from the 13th century until today they have been exploited without interruption.

During the excursion there is a route of just over 3 km and the best moment arrives at the end in an impressive room with figures carved in the salt.

If you have time to visit both Auschwitz and the mines, it is very interesting, otherwise Auschwitz is much more important.