Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon

In August of 2016 I decided to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. A city totally different from the rest of the world, where the theme of the hotels is incredible, the game is the predominant factor and the parties have nothing to envy to the best in the world.

It is a city in which at least you have to spend 3 days, one of them to visit the jewel that is The Grand Canyon and at least two to enjoy all its casinos and some of its magnificent nightclubs.

The city can be traversed perfectly walking up and down since practically everything is on a street, Las Vegas Strip.

The best time to visit Las Vegas is the Spring and Autumn months, but the summer heat is bearable so it is also a good time to visit.

These are the main places to visit in Las Vegas:

The Grand Canyon


North Rim: The most remote and least visited part, given its height, is covered with snow during a great part of the year.

The Grand Canyon can be reached by air or by land.

The cheapest options usually include a visit to the Hoover Dam and the Canyon and the most expensive ones fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter.

Prices start at € 100 up to € 300 or more depending on the option, but it is a must-visit.

Undoubtedly the main attraction is to visit this wonder that no matter how much you have seen before, once there you will be left with your mouth open.

The Canyon is divided into three parts:

-West Rim: the closest part to Las Vegas and where the Skywalk lookout is located

-South Rim: the most visited part of the Canyon, but with less unevenness than the previous one

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard is the most important street in the city and where the best hotels and nightclubs are located.

Going from top to bottom is about 5 km that can be converted into hours admiring all the hotels and shops that this street has.

The best time to travel this street is at night when the lights illuminate the entire Strip.





-MGM Grand





The main attraction of the city is to visit all the hotels with their corresponding casinos.

The most famous hotels in Las Vegas are:

-The Venetian

-Caesars Palace

-New York New York

New York New York
New York New York

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

Located at the beginning of the Strip, something far from the hotels and the most important area, but who has not always wanted to take a photo in this mythical poster?

Bellagio fountains

Possibly the most seen show in Las Vegas are the Bellagio fountains.

A show of water, lights and sound in front of one of the best hotels that will leave you impressed.

At night there are passes every 15 minutes with a duration of about 5 minutes. It is definitely worth stopping to see this attraction.

Party in Las Vegas


The party in Las Vegas is not only at night, during the day you can enjoy the best Pool Parties in the world.

The heat during the day has the best solution in these parties in the pools of the best hotels. The best ones are Encore at the Wynn Hotel, Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel, Wet Republic at MGM Grand and Tao Beach at the Venetian.

The night of Las Vegas is one of the best in the world, has impressive nightclubs and while you play in the casinos they serve you free drink although you always have to leave at least $ 1 of tip.

The best clubs are Omnia, Hakkasan, Xs, Tao and Marquee, but there are many more. In all of them it is necessary to have 21 years to enter and go well dressed.


Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of the largest in the world and supplies electricity to the states of Nevada and Arizona. Its construction gave rise to Lake Mead.

The visit to the dam is usually included in the Grand Canyon and although it is visited very quickly it is curious to admire the greatness of this work carried out in the early twentieth century.

Shows and attractions

In Las Vegas you can enjoy some of the best shows in the world. The most outstanding are:

-Le rêve

-Cirque du Soleil

-David Copperfield

- Shot galleries (no need weapons license)

-Stratosphere Tower

Sports section

Until a few years ago in Las Vegas there was no franchise of the American major leagues, but since the construction of the T-Mobile Arena in 2016 they have already achieved an NHL team and in the future it is certain that both the NBA and the NFL will have some his franchises to the city.

T-Mobile Arena

Multipurpose pavilion in the city of Las Vegas that is the headquarters of the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL.

It also hosts numerous concerts and fights of the UFC.