In October of 2013 I decided to visit Limerick, the city known for the book of the ashes of Angela. It can be visited in a day, but its location makes it a good place to do several nights and visit different areas of the country.

It is a perfect city to walk, without using any kind of transport.

The best months to visit the city are the Summer months since the temperatures are very pleasant, the rains as in all of Ireland are present all year so it is posible that one day it will rain.

These are the main places to visit in Limerick:

St. Mary's Cathedral

Founded in 1168 it is the oldest building in Limerick.

Its cemetery stands out with numerous Celtic crosses and its altar.

The entrance to the cathedral is free.

King John´s Castle

Located on the King´s Island on the banks of the Shannon River.

The fortified walls and towers remain in good condition and a Viking settlement was discovered in the inner courtyard.

It can be visited for about € 10 and is one of the best visits in the city.

Tickets King John Castle.

Milk Market

One of the oldest markets in Ireland and with a special charm.

Every Saturday the market is full of people and it is interesting to go and taste some of the typical products of the city.

O'Connell Street

It is the main street of the city of Limerick and there are pubs, restaurants and shopping centers.

During the day the city is somewhat lively but as soon as night falls the streets are quite deserted.

This is because most young people live on the outskirts of the city where the University of Limerick is located.

Sports section

Thomond Park

Stadium where Munster Rugby plays his matches, team champion of the Heineken Cup twice and who was unbeaten in this stadium for 12 years.

Travel shirts

Shirts purchased during the trip were those of Munster Rugby and Tipperary of Hurling.