Day 4: Tyssedal-Stavanger

We left Tyssedal and stopped at Odda a small village at the end of the Hardangerfjord and continued to the Låtefossen waterfall, took the ferry between Mortavika and Arsvågen and arrived in Stavanger.


Village located at the end of the Hardangerfjord, has a special charm thanks to its location.

The views are magnificent and the tranquility that is breathed in this place especially.

Getting to know it takes a short time and is a highly recommended stop on the way to Stavanger.


This waterfall located 20 km from Odda is a spectacle. Two imposing waterfalls that fall just where the road passes and that have a parking to enjoy them.

Behind the souvenir shop is the best place to enjoy it, although you have to be warm so you can get wet.


Ferry Mortavika and Arsvågen

In the final section of the route and to reach Stavanger it is necessary to ride the car on a ferry that crosses these two towns.

In Norway to have so many islands is very common to use this means of transport to cross from one side to another.

The ferry leaves every 25 minutes and you just have to wait for the gate to open and mount the car. The price is 48 NOK for normal vehicles.


Gamle Stavanger
Gamle Stavanger

Stavanger is a very important city for the Norwegian economy since it is where there is more petroleum.

In the center of the city you can enjoy the largest settlement of wooden houses in Europe in perfect condition with more than 170 white houses.

It is the main starting point towards the Preikestolen which makes the city a very important tourist center.

Breiavatnet lake

Located in the heart of the city in front of the train station, it is one of the meeting places of the inhabitants of the city.

Taking a walk and enjoying the park that surrounds you will disconnect you and you will be able to enjoy the street performers in Stavanger.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

In the city of petroleum, this visit is one of the most important, in which it tells how the discovery of wells changed the city and the consequences it had for the country.

The price is 120 NOK (€ 14).


The port of Stavanger has the best atmosphere in the city, Bergen-style houses full of bars and people enjoying the expensive Norwegian beers.

In times of cruises it is surprising to see the giant ships in a port as small as Stavanger.

Sports section

Viking Stadion

Stadium where Viking Stavanger plays its matches.

Travel shirts

The shirt purchased during the trip has been the Viking Stavanger.