In December 2016 I decided to visit Tokyo, a city that I definitely fell in love with. My expectations with Tokyo were much lower than what this great city finally offers. In Tokyo the minimum stay should be at least 4-5 days since it is a huge city.

The best way to get around Tokyo is to use its extensive metro network and get off at a central station depending on the area and start walking and enjoying its streets.

The best time to visit Tokyo is in Spring and Autumn if good temperatures and less rain are sought, since in the summer the rains are very frequent. In winter the temperature is cooler but it can be a good option considering that the rainfall is much lower.

In Tokyo there are not too many specific places to see but to enjoy their districts and their customs, these are the main places to visit in Tokyo:


The district of Ginza is the most expensive and luxurious area of the city.

All the stores of the most important brands are concentrated in this district and it is a perfect place to go shopping. As in all Tokyo has restaurants of very good level.

On Sundays the street becomes a pedestrian street and you should not miss the Kabuki-za theater.

Metro Ginza, lines Marunoichi, Hibiya y Ginza.


The district of the most transited and famous pedestrian crossing in the world, a real spectacle to watch as every time the traffic lights are lit the whole street is flooded with people.

There is also the statue of Hachiko, the dog that waited for its owner to return for more than 10 years.

Metro Shibuya Station, lines Ginza, Fukutoshin y Hanzomon.


Shinjuku is the district that we all have in our heads, full of neon lights in all its streets and with good atmosphere all the day.

Shinjuku station is the busiest in the city and the world with almost 3 million passengers daily.

Metro Shinjuku Station, lines Oedo y Marunoichi.


Asakusa is the historic district of Tokyo, where all the modernity of the rest of the city gives way to the temples.

Stresses the Sensoji temple, the oldest and most important in the city, which is reached after walking through all the commercial stalls of Nakemise Dori street.

Metro Asakusa, lines Asakusa y Ginza.


The district where the Japanese change, leave aside all the silence and order present throughout the city to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of this area.

If you want to have a good time of partying and enjoy the night of Tokyo this is the right place.

Metro Roppongi, lines Oede y Hibiya


Akihabara is the district for lovers of technology and everything related to the world of manga and comics.

Although you are not passionate to visit it, it is worth it just to see the buildings and shops decorated in a very special way. On Sunday the main street is pedestrian.

Metro Akihabara, line Hibiya.

Metropolitan Government Building

It is the seat of the Tokyo City Hall and one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Both in the South Tower and in the North it has a free 360º observatory where one of the best views of the city is obtained.

Metro Tochomae, line Oedo.

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a communications tower with a design similar to that of the Eiffel Tower.

It has two viewpoints inside where you can see the immensity of a city that never ends given its great extension.

Metro Akabanebashi, line Oedo.

Yoyogi Park

The most important park in Tokyo along with Ueno, was part of the Olympic Village of Tokyo 1964 and you can still see the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Near the park is the Meiji Shrine, one of the most important religious centers in Tokyo.

Metro Meiji-jingumae, lines Chiyoda y Fukutoshin.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Residence of the imperial family of Japan, can be seen from Koyko Gaien's large esplanade where one of the most famous photos is taken.

The only part always open to the public are the Oriental Gardens of the Imperial Palace, there are also guided tours to visit inside the Palace.

Metro Otemachi, lines Chiyoda, Marunouchi, Tozai, Hanzomon y Mita.

Takeshita Street

Pedestrian street full of shops of all kinds of items and usually with many people.

Its proximity to the Yoyogi Park makes it a recommended visit as it is a very special street.

Metro Meiji-jingumae, lines Chiyoda y Fukutoshin.

Kamakura excursion

A visit to get out of the frenetic pace of Tokyo is to visit Kamakura with its temples and its Great Buddha.

The Big Buddha is the second largest seated in all of Japan and is truly stunning.

Dedicate a day to see this part so different and close to the capital of the Asian country.

Sports section

Yokohama International Stadium

Although Tokyo will open its new stadium for the 2020 Olympic Games, the most important stadium in Japan is Yokohama, which has hosted the finals of the 2001 Confederations Cup and the 2002 World Cup and several editions of the Intercontinental and World Cup of Clubs.

Football shop

In Tokyo you can find everything but I never expected to find one of the best football stores I've seen anywhere in the world.

In the same Tokyo there are 3 different stores, I know Harajaku next to Takeshita Street and if you like football you have to visit it. Teams of the entire Japanese League and many of the best teams in the world.

Kamo Soccer Shop: Metro Meiji-jingumae, lines Chiyoday Fukutoshin.

Travel shirts

The shirt purchased during the trip was that of the Japan national team.