Day 2: Ottawa-Toronto

The second day of the trip took us to Toronto, possibly the best known city of Canada, it is the most populated city and the financial center of the country.

Toronto is the city in the world with the highest percentage of inhabitants not born in the country, 49% of the total was not born in Canada. It is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world.

These are the main places to see:

CN Tower

CN Tower is the tallest tower in Toronto, known as the main icon of the city. It is the most visited tourist place in Toronto.

It is the third highest tower in the world and the highest in America, with 553 meters of height.

The price to go up varies according to the selected package, being the cheapest 36 CAD (€ 23).

It is essential to climb this tower before leaving the city and highlights the glazed floor from which you have a unique feeling.

Tickets CN Tower

Toronto City Hall

Located right next to Nathan Phillips Square with its arches and fountain is one of the most beautiful spaces.

It is the building where the municipal offices of the government work.

Also visit the old building of the town hall, located very close and where the courts work.

This second building is really beautiful, with a style totally different to the new town hall.

St Lawrence Market

The St Lawrence Market is Toronto's main public market, located in the heart of the historic city center between modernity and old.

It is easily recognizable thanks to its architecture totally vintage style both outside and inside. A large sign identifies it as St. Lawrence market.

Recognized by the National Geographic as the best food market in the world in 2012.


The Toronto Skyline is one of the most striking prints in the city. The skyscrapers of the Financial District make up one of the most recognizable images of Toronto and have fantastic views of them from various points in the city such as from the Toronto Islands, the Rogers Center or Broadview Park.


Chinatown is the area created by Asian culture within Toronto.

The Chinatown is located within downtown as one of the most important tourist areas.

It is a large ethnic enclave with a high concentration of Chinese residents and shops stretching along the streets Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue.

Ontario Legislative Building

Located in the center of the Queen's Park in Toronto, the elegant Romanesque-style building, built in 1893, has the room of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Legislative Chambers, the Legislative Library and the Speaker's Apartment.

St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica 

It is the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Toronto and one of the oldest churches in the city.

It is located at 200 Church Street in the Garden District of Toronto. San Miguel was designed by William Thomas, who was in charge of eight other churches in the city, and was funded primarily by Irish immigrants residing in the area. The Cathedral has a capacity of 1,600 parishioners.

Sports section

Air Canada Centre

It is the pavilion where the Toronto Raptors of the NBA play their games.

Rogers Centre

It is the stadium where the Blue Jays play its matches, the baseball team champions of the world series in 1992 and 1993.

Travel shirts

The shirt purchased during the trip was that of the Canadian Ice Hockey team.