In July 2015 I decided to visit Warsaw the largest city and the capital of Poland since 1596, when it moved from Krakow. It is the ninth most populous city in the European Union and has a great history due to the Second World War. 

 The main things can be visited walking and if necessary you can make use of the metro. 

The best time to visit is in the summer months, which is when temperatures are highest but it is also when there is more rain. 

The main places to visit in Warsaw are:

Royal Castle of Warsaw

Former residence of the Royal Family of Poland until 1975, it is currently the Castle Museum.

In 1939 the castle suffered a fire due to a German bombing during the Second World War and in 1944 it was destroyed. It was rebuilt by people in the 70s.

You can visit for a price of 30 PLN (€ 8).

Warsaw Uprising Monument 

Monument dedicated to combatants who died during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

The monument has two parts, and is the most important monument of the postwar period in Warsaw and one of the most visited.

Stare Miasto

The historical center of Warsaw or Stare Miasto is the oldest district of the city.

The square is the most beautiful space in the city that was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt thanks to the efforts of the people.

In 1980 it was declared a World Heritage Site as a unique example of reconstruction.

Market Place

It is the most central and oldest square in the city, the 4 sides of the square are called Polish parliamentarians.

They are flanks Zakzewsk, Barss, Kollataj and Dekert.

In the square stands the siren of Warsaw, symbol of the city.

Warsaw Barbican

It is located at the point that divides the city between the Old Town (Stare Miasto) and the New Town (Nowe Miasto).

It is the most characteristic element that remains of the old fortification that surrounded the city.

Palace of Culture and Science

It is the tallest building in Poland and the one that most impacts the tourist.

If you arrive by train from the airport, it is the first thing you see and highlights its large size.

On the 30th floor it has a terrace with an excellent viewpoint where you can get the best views of the city.

The price is 20 PLN (€ 5).

Vistula River Beach

Crossing the bridge that separates the city with the National Stadium of Warsaw is a beach that attracts a lot of attention.

In hot weather the beach is quite busy and people take to sunbathe and enjoy this place close to the city center.

Field Cathedral of the Polish Army

It is the main church of the city and it represents the entire Polish army. The main military holidays are held in this Church.

It is located in front of the monument to the heroes of the Warsaw uprising and very close to the old town.

Copernicus Monument

Monument in honor of one of the most important characters in the history of Poland.

It is located in front of the Staszic Palace, home of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Made of bronze, it took two years to lift it.

Łazienki Park

Largest public park in Warsaw and famous for housing the monument of the composer Fryderyk Chopin and Palace on the Island.

It is interesting to visit this park since in its interior it has different museums, sculptures and several palaces.

Sports space

Football stadium

National Stadium of Poland, located in Warsaw, was inaugurated in 2012 on the occasion of the European Championship that same year.

Main headquarters of the Polish national team, it hosted the 2015 Europa League final. Very nice stadium both outside and inside and highly recommended to visit it.

You can visit the interior for 10 PLN (€ 2.50)

Travel shirt

The shirt purchased during the trip was that of the Polish national team.