In August 2018 I decided to visit Tallinn, one of the capitals of the Baltic countries. The city grew as a commercial port, currently living on tourism and new technologies, it is the most important city in Estonia.

It is a city where most visits are concentrated and can be visited on foot, it has a tram network, although it is not necessary to visit the historic center.

The best time to visit Tallinn is in the summer because in winter it is quite cold and there is usually snowfall and the great atmosphere in its streets is lost.

These are the main places to visit in Tallinn:

Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square is the tourist center of Tallinn. The great atmosphere thanks to tourism and the amount of terraces, restaurants and bars, makes this place one of the best places in the city.

The Town Hall is the only one of Gothic style that remains in northern Europe and dates from 1322, although it has been modified several times.

Pharmacy Raeapteegi Hoone

Located in the Town Hall Square is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe.

It dates from the year 1422 and inside you can find original bottles of that time, as well as the interior structure is very different than today's pharmacies.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

It is the largest cathedral in Tallinn and the main Orthodox church. It was built at the end of the 19th century when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire.

The temple is formed by five domes in the shape of a cross. The towers have eleven bells, including the largest in Tallin weighing 15 tons.

You can visit the interior for free.

St. Mary's Cathedral

It is the oldest church in the city, built in 1233. It was originally a Catholic cathedral, later, in 1561, it became Lutheran and today belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia. It is also the seat of the Archbishopric of Tallinn.

In addition to the interior, you can climb the baroque-style bell tower, upon payment of an entrance, and get a magnificent view of the city.

Parliament of Estonia

The Parliament of Estonia is a building that stands out for its pink facade.

In it its 101 members elected by the people make the most important decisions in the country.

These include forming and supporting the government in the preparation, modification and complementation of legal acts and approval of budgets.

Toompea viewpoints

Toompea is the neighborhood located in the highest part of Tallinn. The main attraction of this area are its two viewpoints, in which you can see the entire historic center of the city.

In this area is where Tallinn originated, being a bastion of defense of which there is practically nothing left.

Viru Gate

The Viru Gate was the main entrance of the fortress that surrounded the city on the east side.

Currently it is one of the symbols of the old city and one of the meeting points for the people of the city.

Continuing straight, we reach Viru Street, a street full of shops and restaurants that goes to the Town Hall Square.

St. Catherine's Passage

This passage is the most picturesque place in the city, crossing it we find traders dressed in traditional costumes and making traditional crafts in sight of the tourist.

It is the perfect place to buy a souvenir of this wonderful city.

Maiden Tower

One of the most famous towers in the city, it was mentioned for the first time in 1373 and has been rebuilt several times.

During the history the building has been a defense tower, a residential building, a museum and a restaurant.

You can visit the interior for € 3.00 or for free with the Tallinn Card.

Walk around the walls

At present they conserve almost two kilometers of the original walls that formerly protected the Estonian capital.

Thanks to its great state, it is worth going through the outside and see all the access doors to the city.

Tour around Tallinn

Route through downtown Tallinn: St. Olaf's Church, Toompea's viewpoint, Our Lady's Cathedral, Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Estonian History Museum, Tallinn City Hall,  St.Catherine's Pasage, Viru Gate.

Sports section

A. Le Coq Arena

Stadium where FC Flora and the national soccer team of Estonia play their matches.

It has a capacity for more than 9,000 spectators and has hosted the final of the European Super Cup of 2018.