Norway in a Nutshell

Day 2: Oslo-Norway in a Nutshell-Bergen

If one has little time to visit the country this option is undoubtedly a great advantage, Norway in a Nutshell is a 500 km journey in a day that goes from being in Oslo to ending in Bergen. 

The first train to take is at the Oslo station at 8:25 and arrives at Myrdal at 12:58, then at 13:27 we will take one of the trains with the most beautiful route in the world, the Flåm train, a journey of one hour in which to enjoy some amazing landscapes and to finish a 5 hour boat trip through the Sognefjord from Flåm to see the fjords from inside and finish in Bergen. 

The only drawback is the price of 2250 NOK (€ 230), but it is really worth it.

Train Oslo-Myrdall

The day starts with the longest and heaviest journey of the trip but it is only the beginning of a spectacular trip.

More than 300km of train that goes into the center of the country, the final part you see some beautiful landscapes and it is important to pay attention through the windows to not lose detail

The Flåm Railway

Chosen in 2014 as the best train trip in the world, this journey of more than an hour starts in Myrdall at 867 meters above sea level and ends at sea level in the Sognefjord.

The train runs for 20km through the mountains in a unique engineering work in the world and the impressive cliffs. In the middle of the road the train stops at the Kjosfossen waterfall and lets you enjoy it for a few minutes.

Sognefjord boat

From April to October this trip can be made from Flåm to Bergen.

An express boat through the Sognefjord where you can appreciate the wonder of the Norwegian fjords, without a doubt the main attraction of the country.

The boat makes several stops in different towns with great charm, if you have time to spend a night in them it should be very beautiful.


After the boat trip, when the night is starting you arrive to Bergen, the second most important city in Norway.

World Heritage City is the most charming city in the country. Its typical houses and the place where it is located make it a unique city in the world.