Day 5: Preikestolen

The most awaited day of the trip arrived, the climb to Preikestolen, and after a good walk the effort was amply rewarded. One of the most impressive views I have seen throughout my travels.

Ascent to the Preikestolen

The distance of the route is 3.8 kilometers that seem few but due to the unevenness that there is in the whole route they do that the way is not as comfortable as possible.

It is important to look for a day that the weather is favorable and above all that there is no rain because otherwise the road becomes quite complicated.

After passing the first section the landscape begins to improve and you can see magnificent views.

After an hour and a half of climbing to a normal rhythm, there is only the final part for the reward.

The effort of the tour will be worth it as soon as you see the Lysefjord, the first sight leaves you with your mouth open and you understand why you had to make the effort to climb.

And we found it, the best view is not obtained from the rock, if you make a last effort you can climb a few meters above and get one of the best views I've ever had.

This area is much quieter and with less people and in 10 minutes it arrives without problem.

The descent without stopping and despite the number of people who climbed took us more than an hour, but much better than the climb.

The day began with a good early morning to get from the first to this magnificent site.

We took the car and went to Lauvvik to catch the ferry that crosses Oanes which costs 34 NOK for small vehicles.

After an hour and a half of journey we reached the parking of the Preikestolen and began our ascent.

Just start the climb is one of the three most demanding parts of the route with a rise of 500 meters that must be taken calmly because otherwise the road can be very heavy. The route is marked with red T and due to the large number of people who do it it is very easy to follow the path without getting lost.

Once we arrive at the rock, we take the opportunity to take some pictures in the corner where a line is formed to take the pictures.

I recommend arriving early because at the time I arrived we were very few people but at lunch time there were many people and you do not enjoy this wonderful place. After the ascent we look for a quieter place to enjoy the views.