Thousand Islands National Park

Day 4: Toronto-Thousand Islands National Park

Departing from Toronto and bordering the impressive Lake Ontario and stopping previously in the town of Kingston, we arrive at the Thousand Islands National Park, located about 300 kilometers from Toronto.

This National Park is an archipelago of more than 1,800 islands divided by the border between Canada and the United States at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.

Thousand Islands National Park

Zavikon Island

This island is very famous but it is likely that what they tell about it is completely true. The guides say that the big island that we see in the photo belongs to Canada and the islet is part of the United States so we would be before the shortest international bridge in the world, a family that has its farm divided between two countries.

The Heart Island

The entrance to the Island of the Heart is considered an entrance to the United States so if you come from Canada, you must make the proper identification to visit the island. On this island there is an American office of Customs and Borders. On the island we see a fairy tale fort, it is the Boldt Castle.